Principles and Purposes

Principles and Purposes of the Puerto Rican

Federation of Home-based Therapeutic Communities

The essential principles which will rule the Puertorican Federation of Home-based Therapeutic Communities will be the following.

The TC organized in accordance with the “Caribbean Style” of Therapeutic Community, that is, as an assembly of persons striving to achieve the maximum personal development of their innate genetic potential,, and who, through reciprocal aid and their own individual effort will be free of all types of addictions, including:


  • All drugs, legal or illegal
  • Self destructive habits
  • Co-dependent relationships
  • Dogmatic beliefs,
  • All manner of prejudices, and
  • A parasitic lifestyle


Communities which promote the use of drugs be they legal or illegal or pharmaceuticals as a way to combat addiction cannot join the Federation.


The Federation will always use the therapeutic dialogue as its means of communication. Debate is excluded.  Confrontation will not be used.

Communities which join the Federation will always act in accordance with the essential purposes and principles of the Federation, but will be autonomous in regard to their own operations.  They will be economically self sufficient and will generate their own funds, will not depend on government subsidies on contributions from organizations whose principles are not in accordance with those of the Federation.  They will not seek funding using the name of the Federation.

In accordance with the essential principles already stated, the purposes and, the short and long term goals of the Federation will be those included in Plan 2018 of the ADDA Foundation of PR which are consonant with the United Nations’ Plan Beyond 2008, as follows:

  1. To refine and validate the hypothesis which affirms the co morbidity between the attention deficit disorder spectrum, the addictions, the psychiatric dysfunctions, psycho social dysfunctions and psychosomatic dysfunctions.
  2. To re-train a significant member of traditionally oriented mental health workers in the identification of the high risk attention deficit disorders phenotypes in experiencing the effectiveness and efficiency of supplementary nutrition with chelated lithium in reducing risk.
  3. To develop a home based agro industry by enriching organic fertilizers, compost and hydroponic mediums with ionic lithium in order to produce chelated lithium rich grains and vegetables. (At present, world wide nutrition provides no more than 500 micro-grams per person per day.   The required dose for the normal development of the impulse-control area of neurological system is between 1.200 and 2.000 micro-grams a day.)
  4. To develop a world-wide community education program using the Internet and volunteers in order to promote chelated lithium in the daily dosage necessary for the neurological  maturation process of children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.  According to our experience, chelated lithium aids impulse control, concentration, executive functions, attention, learning, interpersonal communications and ecological consciousness.
  5. Training therapeutic communities of the Federation members to become training centers for the nutritional chelated lithium protocol as well as a source of human resources to carry out the educational program to the community.
  6. To continue the tradition that began in during the 1960’s CISLA (Centro de Investigaciones sobre la Adicción de Río Piedras, Puerto Rico) with ex-addicts with ADD who have been rehabilitated with the chelated lithium protocol.  (During this time thousands of ex-addict graduates from the rehabilitation program have played a stellar role in taking the therapeutic community concept to relatives friends and neighbors, which explains the spectacular growth of the therapeutic communities network included in the programs of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities,
  7. To extend the cybernetic system of diagnosis, nutritional recommendations, documentation of the symptoms and of long-term follow ups which the ADDAPR Foundation has been conducting for over a year to reach not only (Spanish/English) bilingual population but other linguistic groups as well, according to expressed interest to receiving information and  following recommended protocols.
  8. To organize alternative drug free training models in academic mental health programs with the purpose of validatating and extending clinical experience in the workplace in order to train health professionals and technicians in drug-free preventive psychiatry.
  9. To educate a significant number of leaders in the conventional psychopharmacological psychiatric modality on the wisdom of accepting and endorsing this drug free alternative.
  10. To educate pharmacological industry directors on the use of the drug free alternative, especially for the considerable number of patients who do not respond to pharmaceuticals or reject them because of their side effects.
  11. To convince a significant number of national public policy makers that is a mistake to assume that medication is the only alternative to treat ADD and its addictive, mental, psycho social and psychosomatic and/or psychosomatic complications when there is an alternative which is demonstrably as efficient and effective as the pharmacological.
  12. To work towards the achievement of a more rational, realistic and less prejudiced attitude by our politicians, spiritual guides, teachers and social activists, as addiction is increasingly being shown to be a pandemic, global nutritional deficiency.  (Addictions will eventually be seen as a result of a nutritional deficiency economically and easily correctable at home instead of the through the ruinous medical hospitalization options prevalent in developed nations.

Copyright©2008, Efrén Ramírez,MD