Mission Statment

To orient the people of Puerto Rico and the Spanish-speaking communities of the world about the Spectrum of Attention Deficit Disorders: its causes, diagnoses, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of its victims.

More than 45 years of continuous clinical experience in Community Psychiatry has brought us to see the critical status of our social institutions as intimately related, in cause and effect interaction with a basically inheritable Spectrum of Attention Deficit Disorders (ADDS). Utilizing a holistic approach to the ADDS, we raise the levels of physical and mental health in our society. This is made possible by a Therapeutic Community systems developed in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the Americas since 1962.

The ADDA Association of Puerto Rico (Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) recognizes its responsibility to share this experience with everyone who wants it regardless of age, gender, social class, ethnicity, political affiliation, religious beliefs or economic status.

The 12 specific initiatives to carry out this program are contained in our Plan 2018, a 10 year effort to parallel and support the UN’s “Beyond 2008” world-wide plan to reduce drug addiction and criminality by supporting successful non-government organizations (NGO) activities.