Thank you for your interest in learning about my chelated-lithium-based approach to the Attention Deficit Spectrum Disorders (ADSD).

You will find all my articles on the subject of drug-free alternative treatment for ADSD, its 20 psychiatric complications, its 80 psychosocial co-morbidities and its 80 long term psychosomatic degenerative sequelae, plus Indigotemperament, talents and character evaluations.

 The Basic Information Manual included in the treatment section of will give interested parents, grandparents, caretakers and teachers a simple description of the treatment protocol we are conducting at our Ambulatory Therapeutic Community in Ocean Park (OPATC), San Juan, Puerto Rico and anywhere in the world via our Internet Clinic, sponsored by the ADDA (Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders) Foundation of  PR (Int’l).  If you (and/or your family) want to participate in this diagnostic, prevention and treatment program, you can start with a self evaluation (free of charge). The nine (9) evaluation forms can be downloaded by clicking the “Clinic” icon in the page Menu.  These include the eight angles of the Octagonal Assessment of Personality Inventory (OAP) plus a narrative of the present situation.

  • Form #1- ANGLE I of OAP-Demographic Information including photo (color 2 x 2).
  • Form #2- ANGLE II of OAP-20 Diagnostic Phenotypes Indicative of (ADSD).
  • Form #3– ANGLE III of OAP– Inventory of 80 Psychosocial Dysfunctions.
  • Form #4- ANGLE IV of OAP-Inventory of 80 Psychosomatic Co-morbidities of ADSD.
  • Form #5- ANGLE V of OAP– 16 Endophenotypes of Indigo Personality traits.
  • Form # 6- ANGLE VI of OAP– Self-Assessment of Temperaments (8).
  • Form # 7- ANGLE VII of OAP-Self-Assessments on Talents (8).
  • Form # 8 –ANGLE VIII of OAP-Self-Assessment on Character Traits (8).
  • Form # 9- Narrative– Initial Interview.

Carefully fill out all blanks for the person with the symptoms and everyone genetically related to the person in the immediate circle of relatives, including non-genetically related significant others.